Pre-Demolition and Pre-Renovation Building Inspections

Owners desiring to renovate existing workspaces, conduct partial building demolitions, or eliminate antiquated buildings are regulated by the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP’s).

Building inspections of all materials that are friable or could be made friable due the forces of the project are required to obtain permits. Pre-demolition and pre-renovation building inspections are prerequisites for obtaining these permits. This requires sampling materials such as drywall, plaster, ceiling tile, and other materials that could be reduced to powder due to the forces of the renovation or demolition activities. Construction materials must be sampled, valid, statistically reliable, and consolidated into a Pre-Demolition or Pre-Renovation Building Inspection Document.

Environmental Support Network, Inc. has prepared countless numbers of these building inspections for municipalities, private industry, retail facilities, and many other building owners.

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